Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity

Middle School Course Catalog


CMIS understands that the middle school years can have a profound impact on the cognitive, social, and emotional lives of young people. To help students with this transition, we have developed a school model that fosters students' social-emotional growth that aspires to build student skills with responsible decision making, self and social awareness, self-management, and relationship skills.  CMIS Middle School is designed to strengthen students' learning by attaining proficiency within core subject contents.  Students practice building strong study habits, personal responsibility, and accountability through a comprehensive academic program.  We encourage students to discover their passions and celebrate their individuality while promoting community involvement. We believe in providing educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity. 

  Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Humanities Humanities 6 Humanities 7 Humanities 8
Mathematics Math 6 Math 7 Math 8 or Algebra I
Science Science 6 Science 7 Science 8
Thai Language Thai Thai Thai
Visual & Performing Arts 1 semester of Art and 1 semester of Speech and Drama
or a full year of band
Theater Arts, Concert Band, or Art Theater Arts, Concert Band, or Art
PE Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
Wellness Wellness 6 Wellness 7 Wellness 8
Computers MS Computer Science MS Computer Science MS Computer Science (Optional)
World Language     French / Spanish / Chinese
Service Learning 15 hours 15 hours 15 hours

The CMIS educational program is designed to support our international and host nation students by providing a K-12 aligned curriculum. Our teachers provide instruction that adheres a standards-based curriculum. CMIS students are expected to show proficiency in the core subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. Our program is designed to provide students with elective courses that allow them to explore their interests in the fine arts and world languages as well. Acknowledging the diversity of our students and teachers, we also seek to enhance the curriculum by incorporating best practices from around the world. All curriculum support materials are aligned to the standards. CMIS uses the most current research pedagogy and strategies to deliver course content. Educators at CMIS are strong proponents for inclusive classroom practices, and fostering social-emotional learning. Student evaluations are based on a school wide common grading belief founded on the understanding that grades are to reflect student learning. 

The CMIS school year is divided into two semesters a year. The Fall and Spring semesters.  Students and parents can monitor their progress through Powerschool. CMIS does not issue Mid-term grading reports. Students can expect that our teachers grading practices are designed to report academic ability and growth. CMIS teachers have established common grading beliefs that they share on their course syllabus. We encourage students and parents to communicate regularly with their teachers if they have questions or concerns. 

The grading scale with the Grade Point Average (GPA) equivalents is as follows:

Letter Grade Percentage Grade Point
A+ 97-100% 4.0
A 93-96.9% 4.0
A- 90-92.9% 3.7
B+ 87-89.9% 3.4
B 83-86.9% 3.0
B- 80-82.9% 2.7
C+ 77-79.9% 2.4
C 73-76.9% 2.0
C- 70-72.9% 1.7
D+ 67-69.9% 1.4
D 63-66.9% 1.0
D- 60-62.9% .7
F less than 60% 0


Students are expected to adhere to the policies outlined in the CMIS Student Handbook found in the Students section on the school website. Students are expected to follow the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and maintain school decorum while on campus.

All Middle School students are issued a personal Chromebook and CMIS email address. Students are expected to use their technology for the purposes of learning accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy. Personal cell phones should be turned off and kept out of sight for the duration of the school day.  We encourage parents to limit the amount of time students spend on their Chromebook and suggest students only use their technology in communal areas and not in isolation. 

Field trips and service-learning at the Middle School level seek to extend student learning outside the classroom and into the broader Chiang Mai community as they continue to learn how to be global citizens and courageous learners.

Each year, the goal is for each MS student to have the opportunity to go on three field trips throughout the year.  Each trip is primarily focused either on service learning or teambuilding, but also seeks to foster students' social-emotional growth, increase social awareness, and deepen relationships with classmates.

Each year an outdoor education experience for grade 8 students is planned. This is a chance for students to see learning in a different environment. Over the course of a one or two night trip to a local outdoor camp site students learn to work together, explore their natural world, and navigate in the wilderness. CMIS uses Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Association to help organize and lead the learning and ensure the highest quality of safety equipment.

  A Day B Day C Day D Day
Period 1 A G E C
Period 2 B H F D
Period 3 C A G E
Period 4 D B H F
Period 5 E C A G
Period 6 F D B H


Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity