Service Learning

Service Learning at CMIS seeks to combine the two foundational elements of our vision: responsible global citizenship (service) and courageous learners (learning) into an engaging experience for the mutual benefit of our students and the wider community around us.  Opportunities for students are created through a variety of different avenues (i.e. through the classroom, student clubs, student interest, community need, etc.) and are mainly student driven with adult input and support.

The service learning requirement for our Grade 8 - Grade 12 students is designed to get our students actively participating in the community around them as they learn how to be responsible, global citizens. Through the years, students have spent countless hours serving at local orphanages, teaching English at various schools, working with refugees, caring for neglected animals, planting trees, spending time with senior citizens, working with students with handicaps or disabilities, etc. We are proud of each of our students, and the hard work and dedication they display as they seek for opportunities to care for others in their community.

Service Learning Requirements:

Each Grade 8 - Grade 12 student is required to complete 60 hours of service learning in order to graduate. Transfer students are required to complete a pro-rated number of service learning hours based on the year they began attending high school. For example, a student entering CMIS in Grade 10 would only be required to complete 45 hours of community service.
The basic process for a high school student to record their service learning hours with the school is outlined below.

Step by step Process:

Before starting a service project or attending an event as a volunteer, fill out and submit the Approval Form, send an email to the Service Learning Coordinator about your project, or set up a meeting with the Service Learning Coordinator to discuss your idea.  Please send your emails to Rob Johnson at You will be notified via email or in person whether your activity is approved or not. Once approved, you may start your project.

Once the project is finished, complete the Verification Form. Once this form is submitted, you will receive an email with the form as a PDF file.  Please retain this form for your personal records as it will be useful when applying for colleges and future work experiences.  

In order to see what service learning projects other students have worked on or to see what projects are currently looking for volunteers, visit the Service Learning blog at  Please see the Service Learning Coordinator if you have any questions about the process or if you are looking for a project.


Student Stories and Opportunities:

Link to Service Learning blog: