Online Application Form for Foreign Staff

Teaching at C​MIS

Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) is the oldest school in Chiang Mai and the third oldest international school in Thailand. Missionaries returning to work after World War II established the school for their seven children over sixty years ago. Today CMIS has grown into a diverse international school with over five hundred students originating from over thirty different countries. Despite the expansion, CMIS still promotes the values of Christianity, while warmly welcoming families of all faiths, cultures, and ethnicities.

With an emphasis on providing academic excellence, in a caring community, CMIS students grow to be confident, articulate learners as well as caring, globally minded individuals. This commitment has resulted in CMIS being known to many as the best international school in Chiang Mai. This well-deserved reputation is evident in our inspiring students that continue to excel in many areas including the arts, athletics, academics, service learning, and leadership.

CMIS offers an English-language, American-sourced education taught from an international perspective. Our certified teachers provide differentiated instruction that is aligned to a standards-based curriculum focused on student learning. The academically rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered in our high school enable our graduates to attend outstanding universities and colleges around the world.

Teaching at CMIS is an enriching experience. The student body is a very diverse group of engaged, motivated, and respectful students with a very supportive parent community. Classes are small (generally less than 20) and teacher schedules include time to plan and collaborate with colleagues.

Accreditation and Member Organizations

CMIS has held Thai Government legal status as an international school since 1985 and is also accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). CMIS is a member of the East Asian Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS), the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT), the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Please see the Job Openings list for the available full-time and part-time positions.

Additional Information for Substitute Teacher Applicants


Applications will be accepted until each position is filled. Please submit applications electronically and direct any questions to employment@cmis.ac.th


Salary and Benefits


Starting monthly salaries for qualified full-time teachers with certification/licensing in their home country are in the range of 60,000-75,000 baht.

In considering the salary offered by Chiang Mai International School, it is important to keep in mind of the additional benefits package which covers: accident and health insurance, contract completion bonus, PD allowance, flight benefits, visa and work permit assistance, and tuition waivers for teachers with school-age children. 

The intangible benefits of working at CMIS include working with dynamic staff, teaching gifted students, collaborating with supportive parents, in a well established, and highly accredited international school.


The benefits of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second-largest city and a regional travel hub, include a low cost of living in a city rich in culture and history, the modern conveniences of Bangkok without the crowding and traffic, and easy access to nearby countries, such as Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, China and Singapore.


General Expectations for all CMIS Teachers

  • Professional in appearance and behavior consistent with Christian values and cultural expectations of teachers in Thailand
  • Professional qualifications including an appropriate university degree and teaching certification in their home country
  • Openness to teaching in a context committed to Christian values
  • Respect and sensitivity to staff and students of all cultures and beliefs
  • Willingness to work in a collaborative, changing environment
  • Fulfill not only assigned teaching duties, but also participate in and direct extra-curricular activities, after school meetings, and other school-sponsored events
  • Ability to perform responsibilities, including developing relationships with students, consulting with staff about particular students’ needs, overseeing communication with parents, and creating opportunities for group discussion on pertinent issues with the intent of helping students grow emotionally and intellectually
  • Unless otherwise stated, all positions are for two-year contracts.


Qualifications: General

CMIS usually only considers candidates who are certified to teach in their home countries and who have a degree in education or appropriate specialty subjects. Strong preference is given to candidates educated in western colleges or universities and to those who have shown a pattern of involvement in extra-curricular activities. Overseas teaching experience is preferred, but not required.


Application Procedure

Interested applicants should submit the following documents via e-mail to the attention of “EMPLOYMENT”.

  • Completed CMIS application - Online Application Form (for foreign staff)
  • A letter of interest
  • A current resume or CV
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of ALL diploma(s) indicated in the application
  • Copy of ALL transcript(s) indicated in the application (In case diploma or transcript is not in English, translation by registered translator is needed)
  • Copy of teaching license/certification
  • Criminal Clearance
  • TOEIC test result (except teacher from UK, USA, CAN, AUS and NZL)

In addition to the application packet (described above), the application process involves:

  • An In-Person interview, when feasible
  • A telephone or skype interview (if applying from outside of Chiang Mai)
  • Letters of reference (two education professionals, and one personal, character, or pastoral reference)
  • A recent certificate of Criminal background check, and
  • Verification of original documents


Child Protection at CMIS

Please know that CMIS places a high priority in protecting the students in our care. By submitting an application form you are stating that you have never harmed children, adolescents or vulnerable people either physically, sexually or emotionally. You are also stating categorically that that there is no reason why you should not work in a school setting with children. You also confirm that you are free from any criminal record, spent or otherwise, in any jurisdiction, with regard to offenses (or cautions/warnings) which may be deemed relevant to employment with young people at Chiang Mai International School. You also consent to CMIS conducting full background checks on you as a condition of any contract offer made, and understand that CMIS has the right to rescind any offer of employment should there be any concerns raised through those checks. Prospective employees are also informed that any adult behaviors which contravene a professional standard of decency/respect, constitute sexual, physical or emotional abuse and/or are otherwise an infringement of a student’s right to physical and emotional safety are grounds for immediate dismissal. You understand that you will be asked to sign this statement at the time of accepting any offer of employment from CMIS.