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School Events

  • See a full calendar of CMIS School Events here.

Athletic Event

  • Monday, January 15
    • Senior Cross Country Meet #2 @GIS - 3:45pm
    • U12 Girls Football vs APIS @CMIS (Kick Off Arena) - 4 PM
    • U16 Boys Basketball vs ACIS @CMIS - 5 PM
    • U16 Girls Basketball vs PYD @CMIS - 4 PM
    • U20 Boys Basketball vs PYD @CMIS - 4PM
  • Thursday, January 18
    • Junior Track & Field CMAC Meet @ PREM - 8:30am
    • U12 Boys Football vs GIS @GIS - 4 PM
    • U12 Girls Football vs GIS @GIS - 4 PM
    • U14 Boys Football vs GIS @CMIS (Kick Off Arena) - 5 PM
    • U14 Girls Football vs GIS @CMIS (Kick Off Arena) - 4 PM
    • U16 Boys Basketball vs GIS @GIS - 4 PM
    • U16 Girls Basketball vs GIS @GIS - 4 PM
    • U20 Boys Basketball vs GIS @GIS - 5 PM
    • U20 Girls Basketball vs GIS @GIS - 5 PM
  • Friday, January 19 - Saturday, January 20
    • JV Basketball Invitational @ PREM
  • All competitions begin after school unless otherwise noted.
  • See a full calendar of CMIS Athletic Events here.
  • See CMIS Athletic Practice Schedules here.
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CMIS Stories

CMIS features photos and videos in our CMIS Gallery and on our CMIS Social Media Platforms.  Below are some recent highlights.

Praise the Lord and thank you everyone for attending the 2023 Family Worship service! It was a wonderful opportunity for students, staff, and families to come together and rest in the presence of God during this busy time of year.
We want to give the High School worship band a special shout-out for their dedication to glorifying God through their music. Their talent and passion were truly inspiring. We would also like to thank the Scripture readers who shared the word of God in different languages. Their willingness to serve was greatly appreciated.
More photos:
Ten years flew by in a blink, but on Monday, December 18th, Ms. Charlotte Fontan, Ms. Kara Filbeck, Mr. Shama Ng, Mr. Burapath (Frank) Saengangsumalee, and Mr. Viktor Espana, from the Class of 2013, returned to CMIS to relive their student days.
They relived memorable moments from late-night lock-ins and whispered adventures through secret escape routes, along with hilarious harvest festival pranks. Seeing their youthful faces in yearbooks brought a wave of nostalgia and a flood of stories from their unforgettable journey.
Thank you for visiting us. Your visit reminded us of what school and friendship truly mean to our lives, and we can't wait to welcome you back again soon.
High school students at CMIS have the opportunity to participate in an internship during the Christmas break at Chiang Mai Hospital. Students have the opportunity to observe in various departments, including Radiology, Emergency, Pharmacy, Outpatient, Orthopedics, Laboratory, and Alternative Medicine. This valuable experience allows students to acquire knowledge directly from doctors and staff. The initiative is a component of the High School Internship program, overseen by the Academic Counseling Department.
Supporting students in achieving academic success and facilitating their growth in the healthcare field is a fulfilling endeavor. The academic counseling team expresses gratitude for the opportunity to play a role in the students' meaningful journey. We are excited to announce the expansion of internship programs across different areas. Students interested in securing an internship are encouraged to visit Ms. Aon's office or send an email for registration details.
- Ms. Aon
Grade 5 music classes enjoyed the fresh morning air, sunshine, and music. The open space became our classroom and place for exploration.
- Ms. Karin
On November 30, 2023, a group of fifth-graders embarked on a field trip to Mama Noi Thai Cookery School where they were given the opportunity to learn and experience the rich heritage of Thai cuisine. Through practical instruction and cooperative cooking, the students learned how to combine flavors and use conventional cooking methods, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for the farm-to-table movement. Witnessing the growth of local herbs and plants and learning about the origins of Thai cuisine inspired the students to develop a greater respect for the diverse culinary heritage of Thailand.
-Thai Department




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Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity