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Athletic Event

  • Tuesday, March 12 
    • U12 Girls Futsal vs LIST @LIST - 4pm
    • U12 Boys Futsal vs LIST @LIST - 5pm
    • U14 Boys Volleyball vs LIST @CMIS - 4pm
    • U14 Girls Volleyball vs LIST @LIST - 4pm
    • U16 Boys Volleyball vs LIST @CMIS - 4pm
    • U16 Girls Volleyball vs LIST @LIST - 4pm
    • U20 Girls Volleyball vs LIST @LIST - 5pm
  • Thursday, March 14 
    • U12 Boys Futsal vs UCIS @CMIS - 5pm
    • U12 Girls Futsal vs UCIS @CMIS - 4pm
    • U14 Girls Volleyball vs UCIS @UCIS - 4pm
    • U16 Girls Volleyball vs UCIS @UCIS - 4pm
    • U20 Boys Volleyball vs LIST @CMIS - 5pm
    • U20 Boys Volleyball vs UCIS @CMIS - 4pm


  • All competitions begin after school unless otherwise noted.
  • See a full calendar of CMIS Athletic Events here.
  • See CMIS Athletic Practice Schedules here.
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CMIS Stories

CMIS features photos and videos in our CMIS Gallery and on our CMIS Social Media Platforms.  Below are some recent highlights.


The academic counseling team recently hosted a Higher Education Talk focusing on the "Road to Medical Schools in Thailand," presented by Fah and Kua, both from the Grade 12 class of 2024, who have successfully secured admission to medical schools. Congratulations to them on this remarkable achievement!

During the talk, Fah and Kua covered essential topics including coursework preparation, recommended Advanced Placement (AP) courses, strategies for building a strong portfolio, and valuable tips for successful interviews. This session serves as an invaluable guideline for juniors aspiring to pursue a study in medicine within Thailand.

-Mr.Rob J and Ms.Aon


The FORRU Forest Restoration team came to CMIS to open our new FORRU-CMIS Nursery! With the help of our G6 and G7 students, who collected native seeds on the November camping trip, we spent an hour planting the seeds and learning the mix of soil needed, as well as transplanting some new growth trees from FORRU to begin our next generation of saplings we will hopefully be able to plant in the upcoming months. The nursery will be part of the Middle School Science curriculum, tied to the Camping Trip and the FORRU connection we have established to help reforest Northern Thailand! Thank you to Miss Jockey and Mrs. Lydiah for working with their classes to plant and transplant the seeds and saplings. Together, we can make a difference!


A hard-fought battle on the futsal court! Despite a valiant effort, CMIS U12 Boys faced tough competition and experienced. Proud of our young athletes for giving it their all and learning valuable lessons on the field. The journey continues!


Flawless victory on the futsal court! CMIS Girls' Futsal team delivers an outstanding performance, securing a well-deserved win. Cheers to the unstoppable spirit, skill, and teamwork that brought success to our amazing team!


Absolute dominance on the court! CMIS U20 Girls Volleyball emerges victorious in a thrilling match, showcasing exceptional teamwork, skill, and unstoppable spirit. A well-deserved win for our incredible team!


Game on, spikes high! CMIS Boys' Volleyball team brought their A-game to the court, showcasing skill, teamwork, and unmatched determination. An exhilarating match that ended with a well-deserved victory!


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Educational excellence in a caring Christian community that respects and celebrates diversity