Application Form


The admissions office must receive a completed application, including all supporting documents, before an applicant will be considered for admission.  

Please note that the required application fee is due when we schedule an entrance assessment.  When applying, be sure to indicate the academic year, your priority category, and the grade level in which you want to enroll.  If no suitable vacancies at that grade level, we will not accept your application fee.

Priority applicants may begin an application by clicking on the Apply for Admission link below at any time.  We are unable to consider Space-Available applicants until October 2018 in preparation for second semester enrollment.


Priority Applicants may Apply for Admission


Required Documents

It is the responsibility of the applicant’s family to ensure that the school has received the following:

  • a completed Application for Admission form, including an electronic signature

  • payment of the non-refundable application fee

  • academic records in English, as follows:

    • for Pre-School through Grade 1: all available Pre-School and Kindergarten progress reports, as applicable;

    • for Grades 2 to 9: report cards for the current year and for at least one previous year;

    • Grades 10 thru 12: complete and official high school transcripts, including report cards with teacher’s comments for the previous 3 years;

    • for applicants with home schooling experience: a detailed curriculum document with grades for the home schooling time period. Standardized test scores may also be required.

  • a recent, digital, passport-size photograph (head shot)

  • a copy of the applicant’s immunization records, along with any pertinent health records; this information must be entered into the appropriate online form

  • a digital copy of the applicant’s birth certificate

  • a  digital copy of the applicant’s passport with non-immigrant visa and departure card (or Thai ID card) – a tourist visa is not acceptable

  • digital copies of the parents’ passports with non-immigrant visa and departure card (or Thai ID cards) – tourist visas are not acceptable

  • For Reduced Rate Category applicants:

    • Self-Funded Missionary: A letter from your sending agency confirming your affiliation with the agency, position of service, term of service, and self-supporting status.

    • Discount (NGO / Non-Profit Organization): A letter from your qualifying organization explaining its purpose and legal status, as well as your position in the organization and term of service.  This rate is only available for expat applicants.  

  • For Students Living with Guardians:

    • a Letter of guardianship (form available from the school office or website)

    • digital copies of the guardian’s passport with non-immigrant visa and departure card (or Thai ID card) – tourist visas are not acceptable